Ealing Save Our NHS held a protest against privatised Test and Trace on Tuesday outside Ealing Town Hall.

Campaigner Oliver New said “Serco and other private companies have been handed millions to run their tracing contract misleadingly called “NHS Test & Trace”. But the cross-party Public Accounts Committee of MPs recently concluded that there is
“NO clear evidence” that it has helped reduce infection levels.

Public health teams have excelled at contact tracing, yet millions of pounds have been wasted on outsourcing, which has been a fiasco. Contrast that with the huge success of vaccinations delivered by NHS and Public Health teams.“

But vaccinations alone can’t beat Covid – we need local contact tracing systems run by people with expertise. Ealing Save Our NHS joined health campaign groups across the country on 27th April, as part of the national day of Action organised by ‘We Own It’, to ask the Government to bring Test and Trace system back into the public sector.

Other countries have proved the efficacy of contract tracing and the experts with local knowledge are in NHS and local authority public health departments.”

Photos attached. More info: Oliver New 07931 198501

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